Border Resistance Convergence

September 1-10th in El Paso, TX. Actions, organizing and workshops dedicated to resisting the child concentration camps on the ground in El Paso. Still looking for trainers and volunteers to support around logistics and workshops! Please email More information coming soon.

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Colectivo de Casas Santuarios

Colectivo de Casas Santuarios is a cooperative of refugee houses that unite on the basis of centering refugee independence & decision-making and working autonomously from the government. The casas work together by sharing donations, resources, knowledge, skills and community events. By working with other grassroots organizers we hope to build a support network for the […]

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Casa Hogar el Puente

Introduction: This project is a response to the lessons learned from the last 6 months of refugee support in Tijuana. It is a collaboration between members of “Contra Viento y Marea” (“against all odds”), accomplices and the cooperative of artists “El Puente” (“the bridge”–a collaboration between American and Central American artists). In January 2019, “la bodega”, […]

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Jardínes Comunitarios

The community garden on the roof top of the Contra Viento y Marea refugee community center is blossoming and will be ready with food and seeds for our seed bank soon.  Sometimes it feels pretty surreal to stand on the roof of Contra Viento y Marea crammed in between a liquor store and auto shop […]

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Johana Medina & Roxana Hernandez

“I hope this fucks up your Pride™ or forces you to think about what the fuck, and for whom, we are fighting for. I hope protests and poetry spill out into the streets like gasoline and burn all of this to the ground, transforming it. My heart feels fucking heavy. I really wish the June gloom would […]

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Refugee Detention Solidarity

We work with LGBTQ+ and vulnerable populations within the refugee community throughout their entire transition, pre, during and post detention processes in hopes that individuals can escape deathly situations and build powerful new movements within refugee communities that will fight against the US-funded pillars of injustice that are creating unlivable situations for millions of people. […]

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1300+ Refugees Escape Detention Center As Mexican Government Violence Towards Refugees Escalates

The US/MX border at Tijuana is practically closed for migrants and refugees. The local political climate has turned aggressively against migrants from the last Central American caravans. Trump’s influence on the Mexican federal government is strongly felt. President Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-refugee policies like the so-called ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy are keeping many migrants and refugees […]

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