Refugees are Building a Resistance in Tapachula, Chiapas

Refugees are building a large resistance movement in Tapachula, Chiapas as the government continues to hold people under horrible condidtions and refuse to let anyone migrate farther north. Protests continue everyday as thousands and thousands of migrants and asylum seekers are held against their will across detention centers and tent cities in Tapachula, Chiapas. The […]

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Casa de Luz (English)

WEB SITE: Casa de Luz is a collective space formed for the LGBTQ+ community that is open to all migrants because they are apart of who we are as people. It’s a magical home that we are building with all of our love and strength and that we have appreciated so much since the moment […]

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Casa de Luz (Español)

SITIO WEB: No podemos más que agradecer a los donantes que nos han ayudado en este largo camino. Hemos pasado por situaciones muy desalentadoras porque en nuestra lucha hemos encontrado personas que, desgraciadamente, solo han lucrado, de alguna u otra manera, haciéndonos pensar a todos que nos han querido ayudar. Desafortunadamente, la política económica […]

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Border Resistance Tour

A week long tour of discussions, panels, fundraisers and dance parties with revolutionary autonomous organizers working on the borderlands. We will be giving first hand accounts from local grassroots organizers about the last 8 months of Direct Action and Mutual Aid in the Border towns of Juarez/El Paso and Tijuana/SanDiego. We hope to collaborate with […]

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Colectivo de Casas Santuarios

Colectivo de Casas Santuarios is a cooperative of refugee houses that unite on the basis of centering refugee independence & decision-making and working autonomously from the government. The casas work together by sharing donations, resources, knowledge, skills and community events. By working with other grassroots organizers we hope to build a support network for the […]

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Casa Hogar el Puente

Casa Hogar El Puente  is a place for asylum-seeking migrant women and children who have been returned to Tijuana under the Migrant Protection Program (MPP), where many of them have to wait for months in Mexico for their cases to be resolved. It is a space where migrant women and children from Central America and […]

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Jardínes Comunitarios

The community garden on the roof top of the Contra Viento y Marea refugee community center is blossoming and will be ready with food and seeds for our seed bank soon.  Sometimes it feels pretty surreal to stand on the roof of Contra Viento y Marea crammed in between a liquor store and auto shop […]

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Johana Medina & Roxana Hernandez

“I hope this fucks up your Pride™ or forces you to think about what the fuck, and for whom, we are fighting for. I hope protests and poetry spill out into the streets like gasoline and burn all of this to the ground, transforming it. My heart feels fucking heavy. I really wish the June gloom would […]

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