Hecate Society is a QTPOC, femme & youth-led, art and media collective that aims to elevate the stories of immigrants and refugees traveling to the so-called United States while simultaneously engaging in mutual aid, community organizing and coalition building inside of refugee communities. Our intention is to support refugee-run autonomous spaces in border towns and communities with high concentrations of refugees and migrants by providing support around housing, food, media, and legal aid. We emphasize working with political refugees and refugee activists who are actively engaging in direct action against the government and organizing in their communities, whether it’s in detention, in Tijuana, in the US or back in their homelands. We work with LGBTQ+ and vulnerable populations within the refugee community throughout their entire transition, pre, during and post detention processes in hopes that individuals can escape deathly situations and build powerful new movements within refugee communities that will fight against the US-funded pillars of injustice that are creating unlivable situations for millions of people.

We are completely grassroots and autonomous. We do not work with any non-profits or government organizations. We survive and do our work only because of people like you making generous donations. Please support us by donating to our gofundme page here!