Hecate Society is an art and media collective that was birthed out of necessity by a group of QTPOC* and accomplices. 

Our societal, corporate, mainstream style of media where the oppressor is interviewing the oppressed, creating a narrative of “QTPOC as the other, the exotic, the poor” helps uphold our systemic pillars of white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and colonialism. Hecate Society is here to destroy those mainstream narratives and expose systemic erasure and assimilation. We are here to make white liberals and fascists uncomfortable. We are here to take down the heteropatriarchy. We are here to kill colonial and imperialist structures. We are here to end white supremacy once and for all. 

We are tired of white cis* men being the only ones on the ground telling people’s stories, twisting people’s words and mansplaining oppressive narratives. We want to create a revolutionary paradigm for building collective power and healing trauma by using art and media. We hope to use Hecate Society as a platform that can bring decentralized support to help empower and give back agency to QTPOC and femme* voices to produce their own narratives and bring their own voices and stories to the forefront.  

We believe that media and art can be used not only to reframe problematic narratives and build alternative ones, but also, as a form of therapy, to heal identity and community based trauma. The content we produce is created through a mutual exchange of ideas, using casual interviews that also serve as therapeutic and healing moments that can help us and the interviewees process traumatic experiences and beautiful experiences alike. When we build our content, we are building deeper friendships. We aim to capture the totality of people’s humanity, suffering and most importantly, their resistance.

*QTPOC: Queer, Trans, People of Color
*Cis: Someone who identifies with the gender that they were assigned at birth
*Femme: We use the word femme as an inclusive term that includes all trans, cis and non-binary people whom identify as femme