Casa Carmelita & Food Not Walls – El Paso, TX Resistance

Recently, a team of Hecate Society members have been working with a local, native-led collective on the ground in El Paso, to help build Casa Carmelita, a new community center that is aiming to provide sanctuary for migrants and organize against the local child detention centers.

The situation on the US-Mexico Border has been steadily deteriorating to the point where we now see daily unimaginable atrocities. The escalation of violence and neglect on the part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has so many parallels to some of the worst points in human history. A wall divides this city. Divides families, communities of people, animals, and ecologies which existed before colonization. This point in time Divides History.  You’ve seen the headlines; Children lost or dead in “custody”, separated from their families. There are three places in Texas being sited for permanent child detention as you read this. 188 human beings held for days, shoulder to shoulder in a 35 person cell with one toilet, which they are told to drink water out of.  As we strive for a world of equity, the US government try to dehumanize people of color in Concentration Camps.  We must take a stand to stop this, once and for all. 

The collective has been standing up against these camps for almost a year, holding rallies where the detainees can hear us chant “No Estan Solos”,  writing letters to those in power. Migrants have been routinely released in groups of up to 300 every few days, left on their own with nothing after many months of arduous travel and sometime illegally being held for months of traumatizing containment, not knowing where their loved ones are or if they’ll survive until tomorrow. 

We bring them clothes and a warm meal, give rides and help connect these families to resources that might help them  take next steps in their journey. 8 months, a core of 5 people serving thousands, out of pocket and with a few small donations. Grassroots, Mutual Aide. 
Now we need your help to get this space up and running.

Casa Carmelita is a new community space in El Paso, Texas located directly across the downtown port of entry to Juarez, Mexico. Casa Carmelita will be home to Food Not Walls which is an indigenous-led collective feeding our relatives on their migration. Organizers envision Casa Carmelita acting as a sanctuary space, community food pantry, library, and legal resource center. Currently, the space is in need of repairs and remodeling before it will be ready. With your help, local organizers can accomplish the necessary work to create this space for neighboring communities.  Together we will reunite these families, with your support we will free these children from this torture and break down the walls between all people.

Casa Carmelita is working solely off of grassroots donations to their venmo @foodnotwalls or the gofundme. All donated money will go to the following:
-Repairing, repainting and building the kitchen, sanctuary, living room, library and legal center rooms
-Furnishing and filling the house with needed items 
-Procuring bulk food and kitchen equipment for Food Not Walls (currently serving 1000 meals/ wk)
– Wifi
-Legal and detention support resources
-Transportation costs 
-Utilities & property tax
-Family & child + LGBTQ emergency support fund
-Contractor and electrician payment 

Needed Items at the space right now include the following:
-Industrial Kitchen Equipment (Deep freezer, refrigerator, stove, reusable plates/forks/spoons/knives/bowls/cups, serving utensils, 6″ insulated cambros, dish soap, sponges) 
-Washer and Dryer
-Garden Supplies (Shovels, seeds, rakes, hose, compost bins, soil)
-Cleaning Supplies (Brooms, Mops, Rags)
-Furniture (Folding chairs & tables, couches, book shelves)
-Printer & Ink
-Medical (First Aid, Trauma Kits, Herbal Medicine)
-Plastic Tubs, Storage bins, Collapsible Shelves for Pantry
-Bulk Food, Cans, Vegetables, Fruit 

Construction equipment:
-Linoleum Flooring
-Side Paneling
-Wall Paint & Paint Brushes
-Lumber (plywood, 2×4’s, 2×2’s, 2×10’s) 
-Tools (Grinder, Sludge Hammer, Screw Drivers, Drills, Drill Bits, Nails, Screws, Table -Saw, Saw Horses)

Donations for the Community:
-Kid & Adult Clothes All Sizes
-Shoes All Sizes
-Sleeping Bags and Mats
-Diapers, Baby Products 
-Hygiene Products 
-Kids Toys and Art Supplies

Physical donations are being accepted by mail (please email us for the address) and also being accepted on the ground in El Paso.

Food Not Walls Instagram
Food Not Walls Facebook

Casa Carmelita- El Paso Herald 

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