Colectivo de Casas Santuarios

Colectivo de Casas Santuarios is a cooperative of refugee houses that unite on the basis of centering refugee independence & decision-making and working autonomously from the government. The casas work together by sharing donations, resources, knowledge, skills and community events. By working with other grassroots organizers we hope to build a support network for the casas in this cooperative by organizing a team of medics, attorneys, psychologists and detention support that can be on call at any given moment for the members of these houses.

We believe in horizontal decision making and refugee centric movements which is why we have chosen to invest our resources and energy into alternative and autonomous refugee safe houses as opposed to government, church and/or non-profit run houses that have a top-down decision making structure. With thousands of refugees currently stuck in Tijuana for an indefinite amount of time due to new polices like the “Remain in Mexico Policy” refugees are at extreme risk of being caught and killed by their perpetrators from their home territories while remaining here. More than ever with thousands of migrants in this extremely vulnerable position, we believe it is important that safe houses start being organized autonomously from the government. In a way that is safer to refugees and actually organized by refugees themselves. As crossing the so-called border into the “United States” becomes harder and harder everyday, Tijuana is becoming more refugees’ final destination or years long waiting point. Communal housing projects and centers such as those that are apart of Colectivo de Casas Santuarios are ways for refugees to support themselves, their community and get involved in creating safer spaces for refugees to live in as long as they need while in Tijuana.

Reach out if you can help donate any of these items to the safe houses in Tijuana!

Go to or (projects page) for more information and to find the individual donation pages for the houses.

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