Johana Medina & Roxana Hernandez

“I hope this fucks up your Pride™ or forces you to think about what the fuck, and for whom, we are fighting for. 
I hope protests and poetry spill out into the streets like gasoline and burn all of this to the ground, transforming it. 
My heart feels fucking heavy. I really wish the June gloom would suffocate everyone complicit in the deaths and ongoing separation of our people. 
El pueblo jamás será vencido” -Tina Vásquez Maya Averbuch

June 1st, 2019 9:10pm
Comunicado de Grecia, lideranza trans y voluntaria de Casa Migrante en Juarez, Chihuahua:

“Su nombre era Johana Medina, conocida por sus amigas como La Joa. Ella estuvo en detención dos meses en un centro de detención de Nuevo México y desde ya semanas atrás refería problemas de salud. Después de meses de sufrimiento y negligencia medica, el personal de ICE se percato que la chica no reaccionaba la llevó al Hospital Las Palmas del Sol en El Paso, Texas. Hoy por la mañana estuve a visitarla a la unidad de cuidados intensivos del hospital. Al mirarla me dije que lo que sucedió un año atrás en el mes de mayo murió en las mismas condiciones a nuestra hermana Roxana podría pasarle a JOA. Lamentablemente hoy a las 21:00 hrs me llamaron del hospital para avisarme que falleció…¨

Press Release by Grecia, trans leader from Casa Migrante in Juarez, Mexico who accompanied Joa until the end:

“Her name was Johana Medina, known to her friends as Joa. She was in ICE detention for two months in a New Mexico facility.For weeks she pleaded for medical help, referring to her continous health problems. After two months of suffering , Joana became extremely ill and unconscious forcing ICE to take her to Las Palmas del Sol Hospital in El Paso, Texas. This morning I went to visit her at the hospital intensive care unit. When I looked at her I said that what happened a year ago to Roxana in the month of May could happen to JOA right in there. And it did. Unfortunately today at 21:00 hrs I got called by the hospital to tell me that she had passed away… ¨

Repost: @familatglm

In addition to the infuriating death of Johana Medina, it’s been a long hard week remembering the death of Roxana Hernandez, a trans womxn seeking asylum, who died a year ago after being abused and suffering dehydration while being held in ICE detention. We are sending sympathy and love to our Casa de Luz family in Tijuana who made this tribute and knew her well. 

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