Hunger Strikers Met by Riot Police at US Consulate in Tijuana

On November 29tha group of womxn announced they were going on a hunger strike until their demands were met. Their demands mainly being: Immediate Mexican temporary humanitarian visas while they wait for asylum in the US, the US to speed up the asylum process at the border, and, to stop to deportations of refugees from the exodus. No demands from the hunger strikers were met by the government, instead the police watched on as the hunger strikers lived in tents with their children underneath a viaduct in the middle of a large road outside the Port of Entry being hassled by fascists and sometimes by the cops themselves.

Due to safety concerns, as of two days ago, the hunger strikers disbanded their physical camp but continued to uphold their demands and organized over a hundred people to shut down the street marching from the Instituto Nacional de Migracion to the US consulate where they held a ceremony and press conference requested that the US up the number of asylum seekers they are processing each day from 50 people to 300. Around 40+ armed Mexican riot cops guarded the entrance of the US consulate while the hunger strikers held their press conference. 

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